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Let us help you convert your traffic into revenue by using products that operate through the highest available RPMs. Our offers are carefully selected so you can effortlessly monetize your digital assets by promoting offerings from brands around the world.

Dedicated Account Management
Continuous Optimisation
Highest Payouts
Easy To Implement
Automated Reporting Platform

Best customer service

A dedicated account manager will be provided to you, responsible for empowering you with the insights required to optimise your traffic and achieve the highest yield. If integration seems complex, no worries! Your Account Manager is available across multiple messaging platforms and ready to help you out.

We use specialised practical experience to engineer a solution that will provide partners with the necessary toolkit for maximum success. New partners enrolled into our systems are carefully vetted and selected so you can seamlessly monetize your digital assets by promoting offerings from brands around the world.

Premium Search Feeds To Help You Monetize Your Digital Assets

Real-time Reporting

Stay on top of your campaign’s performance through accessing live data points. Our platform has been specifically designed to assist publishers and advertisers track key metrics through advanced analytics and detailed reports, enabling users to react fast and optimize accordingly. RPM rates can always be viewed and analyzed on your dashboard. .All statistical representations are always available and visible to all partners. API available.

How it works

We offer publishers the opportunity to be an effective middleman in ‘Search Monetization’. Convert existing world wide traffic into profit by monetizing your search queries with our proprietary platform solutions.

  • Buy traffic with Taboola, Outbrain, Facebook, Yahoo Gemini, Bing Ads, TikTok
  • Get users to click on your ads with our curated and optimized landing pages with proposed keywords & topics with highest revenue per click
  • Although the execution of the search arbitrage is sophisticated, every click on a search ad brings revenue

Two Types of Flows

One-step Flow: Immediate Redirect

By clicking on the ad that had been seamlessly integrated into the site, the user is redirected to the search page.

Two-step Flow: Redirection Through Landing Page

This way is almost similar to the previous flow above, but the user is first directed to your landing page before they’ve routed to the search page

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