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Native to Search Monetization

We serve ads to highly targeted audiences and rely on user-intent not demographics. Promote your products through our premium inventory of leading publishers and media outlets across the globe using a variety of channels and ad formats. 

Convert daily queries into rates, and your traffic into revenue by using Search Monetization techniques that operate through the highest RPMs in the industry.

The Benefits of working with Zephyr One

With our innovative, easy-to-use ad platform, you will learn to understand your audience better and provide them with the perfect customer experience they want and need.

Join advertisers around the world who have put their trust in our system. We have engineered a platform that caters to all of the needs of our most astute partners. Intuitive dashboards with detailed graphics, comprehensive reports, API enabled stats to allow for customisable automated reporting and simplify performance tracking.

In-house Platform for Publishers and Affiliates

We have engineered a platform that caters to our partners’ needs through innovative programmatic technology. Intuitive dashboards with detailed graphics, comprehensive stats, and much more to simplify performance tracking, enhance campaign optimization, and grow publisher monetization.

For advertisers

Access High Performing Ad Units To Attract New Valuable Clients.

For publishers

Maximize User Engagement With Search Powered Ads.


Bespoke Software Development

From browser extensions, specialised software solutions to Games and Apps on the Apple Appstore, Google Play and Chrome web store. We monetise our products with Google, Yahoo and Bing feeds.

Media Buying

We are a media buying agency working on Affiliate and Search. Our teams create tailor made media buying programs to execute on the world’s largest networks for Display, Natve, Search, Zero Click and Push. All traffic is filtered and monitored by Clickshield to ensure it has the highest propensity to convert.

Content Marketing

We create cool, unique and relevant websites that lead to increased time on site and qualified leads. We pride ourselves on a positive outcome strategy focusing on increased revenue and ultimate monetisation.

How We Work

Consider us your “outsourced CMO/VP of Sales” to start. Let’s talk about your goals for the business and allow us to put together the game plan of how to get there. Only then can we determine if we may be a fit to partner together.

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We’ll learn more about your business, your current marketing/sales activities, and understand your goals.

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We’ll walk you through a custom-tailored strategy that aligns with your objectives.

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You get back to focusing on running your business while we focus on growing it.

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